21 Day Fix Lemon Berry Dessert

So I’ve been REALLY wanting some sort of naughty dessert (specifically, a lemon berry cheesecake from a local restaurant) but I also want to lose 47 more pounds. Soooooo enter this South Beach Diet inspired dessert that fits in the 21 Day program.  It has a fluffy, custard like texture with a delicate lemon flavor. The berries add a touch of sweetness for a dessert that soothed my sweet tooth but didn’t mess up my progress. 

Serves 2, each serving equals 1 red, 1 purple 


1 cup light ricotta cheese

1 egg

1t pure lemon extract

1t stevia 

2 purple containers of fresh or frozen mixed berries of choice (I chose fresh raspberries and blackberries)

Drizzle of honey

Preheat oven to 350

Mix egg, ricotta, lemon extract and stevia in a bowl. 

Pour mixture into 2 ramekins or 1 small oven proof baking dish. I don’t own ramekins so I used a small baking dish from Tastefully Simple- plus that color rocks. 

Anyway- bake ramekins for approx 25 minutes or until middle is set

Single dish will take about 35-40 minutes to bake completely 

Allow to cool briefly, cut in half and serve topped with berries and (optional) drizzle of honey 


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