Getting In Your Protein

As I’ve altered my diet to reduce pregnancy swelling the best method I’ve found is following Zone diet ratios and increasing protein. I’m not saying carbs are the devil or I’m going low carb, but I’ve noticed certain carbohydrates (largely processed sources) seem to contribute to retaining water. By keeping my carbs limited to veggies, fruits, couscous, rice, sweet potatoes and whole wheat wraps I don’t have those issues. Anyone else have this problem?

So because I’ve added extra protein but noticed I was falling short of my macro goal. My goal is 164 grams of protein per day- I thought I was doing great but I was only getting about 95 grams per day! I started searching for some new and creative ways to get it all in and here are some of my favorite recipes! (Click links for original recipe) I now try to consume 15-35g of protein per meal/snack and am much closer.

1) Banana Protein Pancakes from Sweet Treats & More


2) Santa Fe Stuffed Peppers from Shugary Sweets
My hubby loves these because they have meat, not just the normal beans and rice version.


3) Caprese Salad by the Pioneer Woman
This combines the delicious tangy tomatoes (soon to be in season) with one of my favorite types of cheese, mozzarella. I’m lazy and just pour bottled balsamic vinaigrette from Aldi instead of the fancy reduction she does and it still turns out great!


4) Ricotta Stuffed Chicken from For the Love of Cooking
This has been a huge hit in our house, even for our kid!


5) I’ve also done some very easy on the go options using hard-boiled eggs, string cheese, Gold Standard Whey Protein, Zone bars and no-bake protein bites.


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