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3 Months Diet Sober

3 months ago I was introduced to Intuitive Eating. I told myself that if after 3 months if I didn’t feel like it was working for me I’d allow myself to go back to my old ways. I didn’t think it was possible to love myself or feel good without confining myself to a program… Continue reading 3 Months Diet Sober

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Lemon Lavender Carpet Deodorizer

We have three dogs-this usually means that we have a lot of for and a faint odor of wet dog in our house.  Back in the day I would use Scentsy (still do actually) but I also like to use this homemade recipe to freshen up our carpets and give our house a fresh boost.… Continue reading Lemon Lavender Carpet Deodorizer


Why I Started a Bullet Journal

After quitting multiple side projects to focus on homeschooling and family, I found the urge to find new fillers setting in again.  I’ve always struggled to find balance in my life.  I’m always goal setting (and failing), pressing forward and trying to cram more into my day.  I decided to deliberately force myself to not… Continue reading Why I Started a Bullet Journal

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If I Inspired You to Lose Weight, I’m Sorry

A year after proudly announcing a 40 pound weight loss and signing up to coach others towards living a healthy life, the last thing I predicted I would be writing was this post.  I was thinking that by now I would have achieved a higher rank in my former direct sales company and would be… Continue reading If I Inspired You to Lose Weight, I’m Sorry


Little Tikes Trampoline at a HUGE Discount for Prime Members!

Are you an Amazon Prime member with a crazy active toddler? I am! A couple weeks ago I received one of these amazing trampoline from my mother-in-law for our son, and today it’s on sale for $29.99 plus free shipping if you’re a Prime member!!! I have seen these in Target for over $50, so… Continue reading Little Tikes Trampoline at a HUGE Discount for Prime Members!

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Our Cleaning Schedule

This is how cleaning normally goes for me: set high standards and fail miserably, or wing and have a clean house 1 day a week. I LOVE the peace that comes with a clean house. I feel at ease, comfortable and like I can actually relax. But let’s be honest, cleaning up with kids in the house is like putting beads on a string- with no knot at the end.


We Survived Our First Day of Homeschooling!!!!

Today I sat drinking my coffee and watched the yellow bus go zipping past our street wondering again, “can we really do this?” and exhaling a slightly jealous sigh as many of my friends kicked their kids loose to another 9 months at school. I bet that once the tears are shed the silence is… Continue reading We Survived Our First Day of Homeschooling!!!!

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The Decision to Be “Just” a Mom

I watched as everything I had been chasing for 4 years was right in front of me- the opportunity to earn vacations for our family, or help us pay debt off faster, the ability to be RECOGNIZED on a stage applauded by thousands when there are days are spent not even getting a thank you. It was my deep longing to feel significance and acknowledged for my talents instead of feeling like I was wasting away changing diapers and wiping noses.

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A Must-Have Organizational Tool for EVERY Family

Of all the things I’ve ordered from Amazon, THIS is favorite purchase.

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Why I Quit the 21 Day Fix (and every other diet)

Well here we go. Time to create what will probably be my most unpopular blog and will probably tick off a lot of my fellow coaches.